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We match the best creators with influence to cool and interesting brands in order to help them produce authentic and engaging campaigns.
When approving a creator onto Whalar we define the types of brands and campaigns that we think they're most suitable for. our smart algorithm uses this information - along with a few other bits of magic - to best pair creators and brands. It's then up to each creator to decide if it's a campaign they think they’d like to be a part of, if it's a match with their aesthetic, and if they can meet the brand’s needs. This helps ensure the best results for both the creator and the brand.
Whalar provides a trustworthy starting point for collaboration by bringing together only great brands and approved creators. We have developed a structured collaboration process that sets out clear and concise terms and expectations throughout. Once a brand and a creator decide to collaborate, the brand deposits the full amount which is held by Whalar. This payment is then only released to the creator upon successful completion of the collaboration.
Our campaign team can take care of sourcing, briefing, negotiation and delivery, PO / invoice payments, phone and in-person support. There is a minimum fee of £5K/$6.5K associated with this service. Click here to enquire about our Managed Campaign Service.
If you are using our self-service facility, we charge a fixed $1499 USD per annum plus 5% of your total influencer spend. If we’re managing the campaign on your behalf, we charge 20% on top of your total influencer spend as a fee.
We only work with the best. There is nothing automated about how we find and vet our creators. We have carefully chosen every single content creator based on the creativity and quality of their content, their engagement with their audience and their suitability for collaborating with brands. For us it's all about quality, not quantity.
If you think you'd be a good fit for the Whalar creator community then we'd love for you to apply. Check out our Content Creator Application section.
The engagement rate is calculated by dividing the average number of likes by the number of followers on the account.
It’s up to the content creator to negotiate their own fee with brands on individual campaigns, and the sky’s the limit! We simply take a 10% service fee from the agreed fee.
Put yourself in a brand’s shoes. Consider lowering your fee to make yourself more competitive. Flesh out your bio so that brands have a better idea of what you’re all about. Make an effort to respond to every invitation (even if it is to politely decline) - brands are often put off by low response rates.
We receive a vast number of creator applications daily and we personally assess each and every application, so it can take some time to be approved. Unfortunately, we cannot accept accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers, engagement rates of less than 1% and accounts which do not create quality content.
If you have chased them more than three times on the platform and you still haven't received a response, get in touch with us on our instant chat and we'll attempt to contact them on your behalf. We hold all payments in escrow until both parties are happy, so you can be sure that your money is safe should anything go wrong.
We're a friendly bunch and always happy to hear from you, talk to us on instant chat or just drop us an email on hello@whalar.com.

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