We have a super simple and transparent pricing model. No upfront costs, no licence fees, no long term contracts or fixed commitments. We believe in our offering and think you'll love it, so we have a pay-as-you-use model. Simply choose between our self service or managed service and we transparently add a set % fee to your spend.

Self Service Marketplace

You call the shots


of the amount agreed with our content creators


Use the Whalar marketplace to discover the right content creators for your brand and run your own campaigns. Brief & negotiate with content creators, make escrow payments, approve content and more...

Managed Service

We'll do the hard work


of the campaign budget


If you’ve got a campaign budget of $25,000 or more then you can use our Managed Campaign Service, where our team takes care of sourcing, briefing, negotiation and delivery, PO / Invoice payments, Phone & in person support.