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We created Whalar to make collaborating with Instagram content creators a lot easier, more structured and above all else, more scalable.

We've been doing content marketing for years. We tried every tool, experienced every pain point and knew there had to be a better way. Out of our own frustrations in trying to find and collaborate with content creators...

Whalar was born.

We hope it helps you as much as it helps us.

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If you've got a campaign budget of at least $25,000 then you can use our managed campaign service where our team takes care of content creator selection, negotiation and delivery. Click here to enquire about managed campaigns.
This is something we pride ourselves on. There is nothing automated about how we find and vet our content creators. We have carefully chosen and vetted every single content creator based on the creativity and quality of their content, their engagement with their audience and their suitability for collaborating with brands. For us it's all about quality, not quantity.
When approving a content creator onto Whalar we also define the types of brands and campaigns that we think they're most suitable for. Our smart algorithm uses this information along with a few other bits of magic to make the best match ups between content creators and brands. It's then down to each content creator to decide if it's a campaign they think they are suitable to be a part of, if it's a match with their aesthetic. All this helps ensure the best results for both the content creator and the brand.
Whalar provides a credible starting point for collaboration by bringing together only great brands and meticulously vetted content creators. We have developed a structured collaboration process that sets out clear and concise terms and expectations throughout. Once a brand and a content creator decide to collaborate, the brand pays full deposit which is held by Whalar. This is then only released to the content creator upon successful completion of the collaboration, protecting both parties.
If you think that you'd be a good fit for joining the Whalar content creator community then we'd love for you to apply. Please check out our Content Creator Application section.
We're a friendly bunch and always happy to hear from you, please just drop us an email on

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