Exceptional Content Creators

Whalar connects brands with our meticulously curated community of exceptional Instagram content creators with highly engaged audiences and incredible content creativity

  • @emmashbates emmashbates
  • @lucywilliams02 lucywilliams02
  • @qmike qmike
  • @sliceofpai sliceofpai
  • @craighowes craighowes
  • @finn finn
  • @helloemilie helloemilie
  • @worldwanderlust worldwanderlust
  • @danrubin danrubin
  • @ezgipolat ezgipolat

Targeted Collaboration

Whalar's smart algorithm matches the right brands to the right content creators.
What makes us different is that we’re not all about the brands - we’ve also got your back

target collaboration

Safe Transactions

Whalar's payment process helps safeguard your money.
We’re making collaborations easier, more structured and safer for everyone

  • You agree terms with the brand
  • The brand pays deposit up front
  • Whalar pays you upon job completion

No Upfront Costs


No listing fees. No exclusivity

Only Pay When you Get Paid


Whalar charges a 10% platform
fee which is only deducted when
you get paid

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